About Us

South Pacific Turbochargers Ltd has a reputation for excellence and reliability in service and maintenance of turbochargers in New Zealand and the Oceania/Pacific region. Today we are one of the largest service providers of turbochargers in New Zealand and we are privileged to connect with our customers for servicing various industrial sectors such as marine, power station, gen-set, locomotive, commercial, construction and the automobile industry.

South Pacific Turbochargers Ltd is committed to:

South Pacific Turbochargers has a multi-national team of trained and experienced service professionals with the high level of technical knowledge required to perform servicing and repairs on turbochargers fitted to diesel and gas engines. We have been overhauling turbochargers for more than 3 decades in the Oceania/Pacific region and with our tremendous years of troubleshooting knowledge we can provide both quick and quality service to meet the most cost-effective way to suit your requirements.

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