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Covid Operations

Based in Nelson, New Zealand, South Pacific Turbochargers Ltd has a reputation for excellence and reliability in service and maintenance of turbochargers in New Zealand and the Oceania/Pacific region. Today we are one of the largest service providers of turbochargers in New Zealand and we are privileged to connect with our customers for servicing various industrial sectors such as marine, fishing, tanker, cargo, ferry, power station, gen-set, locomotive, commercial, construction and the automobile industry.

South Pacific Turbochargers has a multi-national team of trained and experienced service professionals with a very high level of technical knowledge required to perform maintenance and repair services on turbochargers fitted to diesel engines and gas engines.

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Covid Operations

South Pacific Turbochargers Ltd is your one stop solution for all your turbocharger requirements. Based in Nelson. we have more than 3 decades of turbocharger experience in the area of mechanical engineering within power technology and automation industry.

Our experienced service professionals are trained from working with Original Equipment Manufacturer for several years. We provide complete field service and workshop service, with service report on your turbochargers from our fully equipped service station based in central New Zealand’s largest deep-sea fishing port of Nelson.

We offer sales and servicing for all automotive, industrial, commercial and performance turbochargers on our Automotive Turbochargers page.

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Services & specialities

Small Frame Turbo Chargers

It doesn't matter if you have a SUV, a Ute, a line-haul truck or a boat, we can supply parts and service your turbocharger.

Large Frame Turbo Chargers

Our core business is the servicing and maintenance of large frame turbochargers found in fishing vessels, cargo ships, ferry's, cruise liners and power stations.

Spare Parts

Through our extensive worldwide network we can supply all your turbocharger parts. We carry many common parts in stock. Check with us for availability and competitive pricing.

Automotive Turbochargers & Diesel Performance

In addition to large and small frame turbochargers, we offer a range of turbocharger accessories, tuning and performance products for the automotive market.

Client Testimonials

  • "We have used South Pacific Turbochargers since they started business in 2011. During this time we have found them to be very professional in the way they cary out business. They carry out work in a timely manner, only use quality parts and their workmanship is to a very high standard. They always keep us informed if there is extra work over and above the spec they have been asked to carry out.
    Ian Shaw: Talley's Group
  • "I have worked with South Pacific Turbochargers for over 15 years now, and for the past 10 years with Det Norske Veritas. I have no hesitation in confirming that I believe their work ethics, time management, skills, knowledge and overall work practice to be of a high quality. I would recommend him and South Pacific Turbochargers to any potential client for the servicing and repair needs for all types of engines.
    Neil Durand: Det Norske Veritas Limited
  • "South Pacific Turbochargers are currently contractors to Silver Fern Shipping; for the purpose of marine turbocharger maintenance and repairs. South Pacific Turbochargers has had an excellent working relationship with Silver Fern Shipping for the last 18 years. The company provides a very high quality of service, parts, reliability, honesty and technical advice.
    Manu Masilamani: Silver Fern Shipping
  • "South Pacific Turbochargers have had an excellent working relationship with Strait Shipping for the last 18 years. South Pacific Turbochargers are our current contractors for the purpose of marine turbocharger maintenance and repairs. Across the board, we are satisfied with their work and have no hesitations to recommend them to others.
    Gladwyn Gomes: Strait Shipping
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Qualified expertise & extensive experience

30+ years working in marine turbocharger servicing industry has given us the expertise to service and repair any turbocharger to a high standard. Our engineers are factory certified in most of the common manufactured turbochargers on the market today to ensure we do it once and do it right.


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